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Renewable Energy CEO struggling with Marketing.

Most renewable energy CEOs struggle with choosing the best marketing —

But you don’t have to.

I’m the Essential CMO for the Renewable Energy Industry

Hi, I’m Jayne Burch, a fractional Chief Marketing Officer helping companies achieve their goals and reach their target markets. With over 24 years of experience in business and marketing, I know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

There are more than enough opportunities right now for every good cleantech company.  I am positive that with the right marketing, you can position your company as a leader in your field no matter what size you are now.

You see, most companies are missing:

1. A long-term strategy and plan to coordinate marketing and sales actions

2. Sustainable technology that integrates with all departments

3. Lead generation that attracts the right folks

With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities.

Here’s what you could accomplish by bringing me on as your Fractional CMO:

1. A clear and concise look at the assets you already have to determine potential growth opportunities

2. A marketing strategy with simple data metrics supporting agile pivots, no matter what is going on in the world

3. Messaging that attracts and delights stakeholders, building long-term engaging relationships

Renewable Energy marketing takes certain skills. Jayne, fractional CMO can help you tell you story.
Jayne Burch, Your Essential CMO is ready for you

Let’s solve bigger problems together


I have a unique perspective on business and marketing. After years of working with renewable energy companies, I saw how I can specifically help renewables CEOs solve the big problems only world-class marketing can solve.

In 2019 I recognized the urgent need that many organizations have for marketing leadership and high-level strategy and I began offering Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services. Essential CMO is owned by Marketing Monsoon, LLC.

I also recognize that many CEOs are saddled with handling day-to-day marketing decisions eating up precious time.

You shouldn’t have to do that!

Meet Our Team

Stacy, Content Coordinator Extraordinaire!

Stacy Jenkins

Customer Success Manager

Sherwin, Lead Generator

Sherwin Rodelas

Sales Specialist

What is it Like to Work Together?


I’m responsible for all your marketing outcomes. Each quarter you’ll see reports on what’s happening and the plan for the next quarter.

Positive Culture

I’ll create a positive collaborative culture in your marketing team and delegate tasks to keep each person in their genius zone as much as possible.

Results Focused

My focus is making your marketing profitable. That means I find the best solutions for delivering leads and enabling your sales team to close more business.

If you don’t have a CMO yet, look no further!

“What was incredible was the way she interviewed the team to, quite frankly, dismantle our process, understand what goes into each step, and then laid it out in a way that could be tracked and made sense. This vastly improved our ability to process data and improve our skills to match and optimize the process. There is an incredible amount of knowledge at Essential CMO to improve your business’s ability to market, capture data, and improve your online presence that cannot be captured by anyone but a CMO, so if you don’t have one, look no further.”

John Jevahirian

Commercial Sales Manager, Michigan Solar Solutions

Case Study: How a Solar Company Grew While Most Others Were Shrinking

The CEO felt stressed by all the decisions and tasks required to manage the marketing function. His marketing technology was not providing critical data about sales or marketing performance– all reporting was being done manually. We started with the intention of attracting more commercial business. Within months we also needed to deal with changes related to the pandemic shutdown.

What was Needed

Expert direction on how to use the marketing budget for best results. A way to track the marketing and sales efforts. Move marketing organization and management off the plate of the CEO. Going into the pandemic shutdown, setting up automated marketing and sales systems was critical.

How we worked together

Strategic planning to develop messaging, personas, a buyer journey map for commercial customers. We created a content marketing process to drive traffic. A new marketing and sales technology stack was adopted.

We built a high-performing team

Michigan Solar’s internal team under the  supervision of Essential CMO managed all marketing efforts effectively and efficiently. New marketing and sales technology enabled the sales team to decrease the sales cycle from three months to three weeks. Sales data became instantly available.

Results: 476% Jump in closed deals first 30 days

In addition to the first month increase in closed business, company sales doubled year over year. Lead generation improved by 152%. Traffic for the entire website increased by 111% and interest for commercial solar projects grew steadily.

We can help you grow your business too.

Get the Marketing Expertise You Need to Grow Your Business

Delegate your marketing outcomes to an expert.  Take your time back and see a greater return on your marketing budget.

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